#supercollider patch for tomorrow. Source will be published. #generative #soundart #sonic #music #noise #creativecoding #freesoftware #open-source

#supercollider patch for tomorrow. Source will be published. #generative #soundart #sonic #music #noise #creativecoding #freesoftware #open-source


Noisy Skeleton from Théoriz on Vimeo.

To an artificial mind, all reality is virtual.
Noisy skeleton is an immersive and interactive installation that explores the link between sound, space and artificial intelligence.
From complete control to accidental reaction, the spectactor is completly surrounded by abstracts visuals and digital soundscape echoed back by the machine.
Establishing a real man/machine dialogue, the minimalistic aesthetic and vibrations create a both virtual and physical experience, permitting the user to feel the most subtle variation of sound and space.

NOTE : Please use proper speakers or headphones.

Pour un esprit artificiel, toute réalité est virtuelle.
Noisy skeleton est une installation immersive et interactive qui explore les relations entre mouvement, son, espace et intelligences artificielles.
Du contrôle absolu à l’accidentel, le spectateur immergé explore avec ses mouvements les paysages sonores et visuels abstraits que la machine lui restitue.
Etablissant alors un réel dialogue homme/machine, l’esthétique minimaliste faite de résonances et de vibrations permet de ressentir les plus infimes perturbations du son et de l’espace plongeant l’interprète dans une expérience à la fois physique et virtuelle.

NOTE : Veuillez utiliser des écouteurs ou des enceintes pour avoir un meilleur rendu sonore.


:: Théoriz Studio :: production & creative direction

Artistic Directors
:: David-Alexandre Chanel (Théoriz) ::
:: David Guerra (generative sound designer) ::

:: Théoriz Studio ::

Team :
David Guerra :: generative sound design and creative direction.
David-Alexandre Chanel :: code/visuals and creative direction.
Maxime Encrenaz :: code and feedbacks
Jonathan Richer :: Performer and production
Camille Mazauric :: Performer
Tom Duchêne :: Video shooting/editing

Anyone currently working within an art school knows the pressure to conform to the promises of the creative industries and is bombarded with its jargon. After all, this model moves us out of depending on classical patronage (something well worth interrogating), takes us away from the academic ivory tower and brings us into contact with what supposedly matters – big business, consumerism and as the term clearly states “industries”. In this paradigm creativity and innovation go hand in hand. It’s the perfect formula, however the one thing we’re discouraged from questioning are the very foundations and economic underpinnings that drive these industries, or the fact that innovation (as conceived in this context) might be taking us to a place that is ultimately unsustainable for ourselves and the environment.

Ello, Ello, hello….. I’m beta testing

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It’s unlikely that improvisation, or collaboration, or composition as we know them in all their spasmodic and messy glory are going anywhere soon. But the ceaseless drive to partition, modularise and automate music making – under the guise of profit and efficiency – destroys its basis in lived, shared experience that makes music fundamentally human.

– Emily Bick, in Collateral Damage, The Wire 366, August 2014
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